L’ Entrata Wine Bar and Tasting Room

Maria and Jay,
welcome you to L’Entrata!

L’Entrata, “the entrance” in Italian, is our way of bringing family and friends together to enjoy all that vitis vinifera, ‘the wine-bearing grape’ has to offer. Maria’s Italian and Greek heritage practically infused wine into her DNA. It’s a fond remembrance of Maria’s large family gatherings and entertaining friends over the years. For Jay, it’s the warm recollection of family vacations to Napa Valley long ago when the world was just taking notice of this new, growing region. Wine sparks happy memories, closeness, and family for Maria and Jay. In essence, wine is life.

While living in Seattle, some of our best of times were those years working and volunteering at local wineries and developing relationships with wine makers from all over the region. That allowed us to grow in our knowledge of wine and invited us to immerse ourselves in its rich culture and atmosphere. It’s our passion to build a community around our love of wine that’s inviting, inclusive, and invokes happy memories of your time with us.