The Tennessee Grill & Bar

Good Food, Good Friends, Good Times!


We want everyone who visits our restaurant to feel like family.  We offer home made food that is the same food we serve our friends and family.  The Tennessee Grill allows us to grow our friends and family! Our concept is based on 3 good meals a day.  Our menu is based on families with different tastes.  At our house, I love cheeseburgers and barbecue.

The Tennessee Grill has been a dream since 1991.  Bob Adler, the owner and founder, along with his wife Angie and their 4 kids, Elias, Natalee, Jessica, and Jordan, decided to make the dream a reality by purchasing a local restaurant in Anthem. The family has lived in Anthem for several years and working and living in the same community is important to them.  The culture of The Tennessee Grill is based on good food, good friends, and good times.

Good Food

Good Friends

Good Times!

OUR STORY – How We Got Started

This is the true story of how we got started.  The names have not been changed to protect the guilty! One day Angie (the Smarter & Prettier owner) asked Bob (the Slower & Uglier owner) to go to Costco to get laundry detergent.  With 4 kids, this was a common request.  As Bob walked through Costco carrying the heavy laundry detergent (why do they put it in the back?!) he passed by a display of wood bbq smokers.  Bob did not have a smoker 🙁  Bob wanted a smoker (drool)…  and this smoker had wheels!  More importantly, this smoker could hold a Costco sized laundry detergent inside.  Bob bought the smoker… to carry the detergent of course (duh!)  Bob is from Tennessee where slow -smoked BBQ is a religion so he decided to pus some of the old recipes to the test.  Every weekend, he smoked ribs, brisket, chicken, and a few fingertips.  Pretty soon, all of the friends of our 4 kids began staying longer and longer on weekends.  Then their parents started began lingering when they came to pick up their kids 4 hours early, but who are we to judge?  After just a few months, we began to notice that is was not uncommon to feed 40 or50 people every weekend at our house.  This went on for several years… then the smarter and prettier one said “I no longer have enough refrigerator space in my house for all the food you need to feed these people.  Either “You Go! or The Smoker Goes!”  I miss her so much!  Just Kidding.  Bob and his smoker opened The Tennessee Grill in 2013… and so did Angie!  (Did I mention she is the prettier & smarter one?)  Today, we feed thousands of people and mostly get it right.  This little weekend hobby now supports our family and employs over 28 of the best employees in the valley.  As residents that live in the Anthem community, we genuinely appreciate your business and will serve you as long as you want to be served.  Oh, and I am not allowed to go to Costco alone anymore.  So, if you are going, can I ride along?


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